10 reasons to study in China

Why choose to study in China?

Students who come to study at our universities benefit from quality courses that are backed by research that is an international benchmark. They can also enjoy a wealth of cultural and leisure activities, the exceptional climate and the character of society that is open, multicultural and committed to modernity and progress.

There are welcome and guidance services available to university students that will help them find accommodation and in dealing with the language. University Centre has a bank of flats and rooms for rent in the centre available to the academic and research community. The universities also have international student services offices that will help with all the basic processing to make stays in China easier (healthcare information, foreign resident permits, sports and leisure activities, and so on).

Good Quality of Education and International Recognition

China is striving to build up world-class universities and the number of higher education institutions listed in major global rankings has risen significantly over the past decade.

Experience Chinese Culture

Studying in China is an excellent opportunity for you to explore its rich culture and long history from up-close.

Learn Chinese Language

Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and being able to speak Chinese will give you access to one of the most fast-growing countries in the world.

Gain Employment Advantage

China has grown into the second largest economic entity in the world and many of the world’s top companies have significant existence here. A real understanding of China and Chinese culture will make you more competitive in the job market.

Scholarship Opportunities Aplenty

Chinese government is investing heavily in the higher education and particularly in attracting international students.

It’s Cheaper

Both the living cost and tuition fees are much cheaper compared with that in the UK or the U.S.

Courses Taught in English

Today many of the top universities in China offer a wide range of courses taught in English.

Meet with People from Different Cultural Backgrounds

Today China has become the world’s third most popular destination for international students. Studying in China will give you the opportunity to encounter people from different countries and regions around the world.

Efficient Public Transportation

Most major cities of China have reliable, affordable and well-developed public transportation service, making it very easy for you to explore the cities whenever you want.

Enjoy a Technology-driven Life

With a large number of smartphone users and booming mobile payment, a smartphone and apps can get you everywhere and have everything done.